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If you’re riding one of them two people tandems bikes only the person on front needs to know the way!

Around Brunner is a real good 130kms on sealed roads that go through the most wicked scenery the West Coast has to offer.

It all starts where the mighty Grey River heads out to sea in Greymouth after its journey through the Southern Alps.

Anyway, people wearing flash, tight fitting bike gear that’s all shiny, and a few wearing gear that’s maybe not quite so tight and not so shiny, head south to Kumara Junction where heaps of gold was found about 100 years ago. I reckon there’s still heaps of gold in those hills.

From here you turn inland on a road that gently goes up through a real nice bit of rain forest – although it doesn’t rain that much round here in April.

After heading towards the mountains for a bit the road comes to Jacksons Historic Tavern, which is a shame, because the road that everyone needs to follow turns left over the Taramakau River. Some folks might be inclined to stop for a pint of the brown stuff.

The road heads north to Inchbonnie, the half way point, where those folks doing half of the ride meet up.

The road goes along the flat for a bit – a nice warm up for those just doing the second half. This goes through some more real nice scenery which has a couple of fantastic lakes. The first isn’t actually Brunner, so try not to get too excited – just so you know, its called Lake Poerua. The road keeps going between the mighty Southern Alps and Lake Brunner.

The road climbs a bit coming into and going out of Moana, then it winds around as you head through the Arnold Valley to Stillwater. Then best you turn left. It’s pretty flat beside the banks of the mighty Grey River, with even a downhill section as the road takes you back to where it all started, in Greymouth.

Around Brunner is a cycle ride for everyone, from the folks that are new to riding bikes and are still getting used to all of the tight fitting clothing, to those that are way to comfortable wearing tight clothing, and even to those that I hear shave their legs.

So, whether you shave your legs or you’ve just bought a bike and are thinking about it – riding that is, not shaving your legs – come and ride with us.

I’ll be around keeping an eye on things and maybe having a few pints of the brown stuff with some of you guys that make it all the way round. See you in April!

“A good honest West Coast workout that anyone can do.”
Cheers, Trev Pedals
Enthusiastic Cyclist and West Coast Self Proclaimed Local Identity

Date: 16 April 2011
Location: Challenge Events
Venue: Streets and roads of the Grey District
Contact:  Trev
Organisation:  Challenge Events
Phone:  +64 3 348 3282