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Greymouth coal heading to China

Greymouth is the biggest town on the whole of the West Coast, there is just under 15,000 people living in Greymouth. The town was built around the Grey River which is known in Maori as Mawhera. The Grey River is home to one of New Zealand’s most notorious sand bars where the Grey River and the Tasman Sea meet that has plagued the once thriving fishing community. Greymouth is located on State Highway 6 which also connects Hokitika to the South and Westport to the North. It is easily accessed from Christchurch.

Thomas Brunner was the first of European settlers to visit and settle in Greymouth in 1846 which was once home to many Maori people.

The Greymouth Area has long been known to be very rich in minerals and agricultural resources and much of the employment in the area is in mining and other labour intensive area such as forestry, farming, fishing and eco tourism.

Greymouth is home to Pounamu or jade or greenstone and if you are lucky can often be found walking along the beach. There are many jade carvers and shops in and around the region that sell this sacred stone.

Greymouth was once seen as a town that was very stagnant but the opening of many coal and gold mines around the area has spurred on employment and offering unskilled workers a chance to earn very good wages.