The Greymouth Motorcycle Street race was first held in 1989 as a way to attract visitors to the district after the 1988 flooding. The event was run as part of the Octoberfest Celebrations.

The event was organised by a group of volunteers looking to establish an event that would benefit the local economy and all monies raised were donated back to the community. The first major donation from the “Street Race” in 1989 was to the Mayoral relief fund. The Greymouth Street Race became an Incorporated Society in 1993.

Over the years many organisations have benefited from the event by way of donations and funds gifted to the various organisations who have donated their services to set up the race circuit each year. These organisations vary from local youth & senior Rugby/League teams to Diabetes Trust, Westurf Trust & Search & Rescue to mention just a few.
On average over $9000 is now annually donated.

With the changes to the retail sector and Sunday trading becoming the norm, the gate fee was dropped in 2006 to enable both spectators and shoppers into the CBD of Greymouth free of charge.

In 2007 Development West Coast through their Community Funding grants allowed the event to be televised and screened on Prime TV as well as Sky Sports. This exposure has increased the awareness of the event and has brought positive feed back.

With the increase exposure from the televising of the event, the numbers of riders wanting to participate continues to grow, and fields have been capped at 35 riders in each class to ensure a safe event. Each class has three to four rounds per race day and we now have a class for SuperMotards, with ita��s own off road section.

2010 – will see a full weekend of associated events, this will have a wheels theme, but will have a wider appeal.

Whilst it is recognised that Motor Sports is a dangerous pastime, the committee prides itself in the safety standards it works to. All riders must sign an indemnity form before competing and our Safety Officer and the MNZ steward have full control of the circuit.


* F1 (6 laps)
* BearsA�(6 laps)
* F GreymouthA�(5 laps)
* F 3 (5 laps)
* Super motard S1 (5 laps includes off roadA� – 451cc and above)
* Super motard S2/S3 (5 laps includes off road – up to 450cc)
* Classic pre 63/Buckets (4 laps)
* Post Classic (63-82) (4 laps)

The club reserves the right to limit entries if races are over-subscribed and to handicap, split grids into classes or take other measures in the interest of safety or the orderly and efficient running of the event. It is proposed to have 3 races of each class apart from all Super Motard classes where it is proposed to have 4 races of S1 and 4 races of S2/S3 combined.

The class order is not the RACE ORDER
At the organisers and committee discretion, ten competitors per class will be required for a class to run. A maximum of 35 will be permitted per race. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to machines which they consider to be unsuitable for competition. Large capacity cruiser & touring machines and machines having unsuitable components in respect of handlebars, carriers, luggage, footrests, windscreens etc, are likely to be refused.

May, July, Sept & post race day

RESULTS 2008 – the first 10 placing in each round and class included as well as the cup winners in the latest newsletter

Entry Forms

2008 Update:A� The racing was fantastic and the weather was perfect.A� Three full rounds throughout the day as well as three Kart races – you couldn’t ask for more.

Date: 24 October 2010
Location: Greymouth Motor Cycle Street Race Inc
Venue: CBD
Contact:A� Debbie Collings
Organisation:A� Greymouth Motor Cycle Street Race Inc
Phone:A� 03 768 0437

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