The Hokitika Gorge


Drive Time from Paroa Hotel: 45 minutes

The Hokitika Gorge would have to be one of the most unheard of and beautiful places in New Zealand. Whether you are the adventurous person and would like to go kayaking or would just like to walk around the gorge, be ready to experience some of the most crystal blue water you have ever seen.

Here is a blog posted by March 20th 2007 by Knightsontour on the popular travel page “Travel Blog” “After being wowed by the Blue Lake of Mt. Gambier in Australia, I didn’t expect to be as amazed by incredible blue waters again. This was equally amazing. The milky blue colour of the river flowing down this gorge is incredible. The first sign of what was to come was teasing glimpses through the trees of this unworldy water, until you arrive at the swingbridge which crosses the gorge, giving you closer access to the waters. The colour comes from glacial ice water melt mixed with the milkiness of the silt that has been ground down from the rock faces/bed around and under the moving glacier. Beautiful.”

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