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New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean and has two main land masses known as the North Island and the South Island. There are a number of other smaller islands, the major ones being Stewart Island and The Chatam Islands. Another common name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, named by the indigenous Maori people meaning Land of the Long White Cloud.

The majority New Zealand’s 4 million population are from European decent. The indigenous Maori are the largest minority.

New Zealand is known and is proud of being a developed country that ranks highly when comparing to other countries around the world including education, economic freedom, lack of corruption and always ranks very highly in the world’s most livable cities.

When travelling to New Zealand, remember that it is a very isolated country, and although it may take a while to fly there, the country’s beauty is well worth it. Make sure you allow time for travel because the roads are winding and follow mountains and coastlines.

There are many natural wonders and commercial activities to do in New Zealand, there is nothing better than a bit of inside knowledge, so make sure you speak to us to find out the best things to do on your holiday to New Zealand.

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