On Yer Bike! has something for everyone in the family.
Children (from the age of 12) and adults can operate our Quad Bike, we also have 2-seater Go-Karts and kids love racing about on our Mini Bikes (6 years and over).

Anyone can be a passenger in our awesome 6-seater 8WD amphibious Argo or why not go for a ride in the Hagguland (seats 15 passengers).  The incredible all terrain ability of these machines will give you an off-road experience unlike any other.  Fun for the whole family

At On Yer Bike! our tracks are a magical mix of mud, water and narrow, winding trails. You’ll enjoy the thrill of navigating one of our 4WD motorbikes across rivers, through copious amounts of our famous mud and through puddles that resemble small lakes!

There are plenty of photo opportunities at the many beautiful spots in the forest.
You’ll see tall native trees, birdlife, views of the valley and maybe some wild deer tracks. You can even purchase a CD of Photographs of your muddy adventure to keep as a memento of your time with On Yer Bike!

On Yer Bike! has fun for everyone young and old.

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